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Our creative team of passionate photographers and videographers, editors in Dubai at Manal Media combines the finest of local talent to accomplish video projects of any scale, intricacy, and customer demands. We offer content that will astonish you at the best price ever, whether you require video to launch a new product, establish your own brand, explain your vision, cover an event, or immortalize cherished family memories.
Our services have expanded to encompass video editing, visual effects, sound design, color correction, and animations, transforming your raw material into a professional asset.


We are creative, cheerful, and fun wedding cinematographers based in Dubai. We've been documenting weddings in the GCC for years.Capturing your special day as it happens and delivering films that will bring back the feelings you felt on the day every time you watch them. We focus on the nuances that show your personality and the overall atmosphere.


We've been filming events for over a decade and have honed our skills in using a small crew to achieve maximum impact. Additionally, this will help you increase the size of your audience and your geographic reach. Your film will be viewed by a sizable online audience who will either learn something from it or share it on social media, increasing your brand's visibility and organic reach, both of which will benefit your bottom line.


Product photography is critical in today's digital age for businesses to leave a lasting impression on their customers. We make any thing look better by paying attention to distinctive features. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their brand and highlight essential characteristics, bringing their items to life through lighting and perspective. Our team in Dubai welcomes all clients to experience how we bring the tremendous appeal of their items to life, from clothes to cosmetics, e-commerce to textiles.


We provide commercial and corporate turnkey video production services that are personalized to your needs and flawlessly fulfill your communications goals. We have more than a decade of experience managing corporate video projects from beginning to end.


We enjoy collaborating with high-quality food and beverage suppliers, such as hotels and restaurants, to showcase their menus, food, and eating spaces. According to statistics, prospective customers glance at images of your food and drink for roughly the same amount of time as they read reviews of what you have to offer. We bring a special combination of creative and marketing knowledge to the table.


We produce travel videos to showcase the diverse and fascinating cultures of the world on social media. We are motivated by the rapidly changing environment around us, and because we enjoy exploring new places, we frequently capture the best and most classic images. When we are on-set in fascinating new settings, we fully immerse ourselves in the environment. We're flexible and aware of how important it is to provide the team with the proper logistics and filming schedules while on location, not only for the benefit of the client but also to produce engaging and educational travel movies.


Every room has a distinct atmosphere or personality, and every structure exudes an aura that signals whether it is a place of business or pleasure, a home or a getaway. For prospective clients who haven't yet seen your constructions in person, our team will make them come to life. Get your brand ready with material that is certain to be of the highest quality and marketability. We specialize in real estate photography.